Sunday, 5 July 2015

Rare Footage Of Volcanic Lightning

A hot volcano explodes into life as it sprays burning hot ash high into the air - followed by a deafening shockwave. This video is shot by filmmaker Marc Szeglat, 47, who says, this is incredible footage shows the highly active “Sakurajima” volcano on the Japanese island of Kyushu. The German videographer was able to capture the rare phenomenon of volcanic lightning, as well as an explosive shockwave which rippled through the sky. Well do you know the meaning of “Sakurajima”, so it is translated as Cherry Island, has been continuously erupting since 1955 and is a persistent threat to the nearby city of Kagoshima, which has a more than 600,000 population?

Rare Footage Of Volcanic Lightning by BarcroftTV

Friday, 3 July 2015

Fascinating Book Wheel Sculptures Breathe Fresh Life into Unwanted Literature

As a book lover, you always want to keep your knowledge fresh by arranging your favorite’s books in something different way.  Just like artist Jonathan Whitfill blends literature and art in the form of unique book wheel sculptures that’ll make you stop, watch, and maybe even read along. He gives a rebirth of old books for his Shredder series, turn out layered pieces that give off an aura of elegance. Since several of these literary specimens display titles, library stamps, and numerous book pages, this also delivers onlookers with the chance to explore the fine, traditional details as they esteem a nearly obsolete medium. To generate these splendid sculptures, Whitfill beigns by cutting out pages from each of the repurposed books, in order to form wedges that’ll fit composed in a wheel formation. The precious old books themselves are encased in a caring resin and, after being manipulated, they’re protected to a metal sculpture base. Once this procedure is finished, what an impressive results in a distinctive work of art that is fit for readers and art-lovers equally.Source: My Modernmet

Latest Models of Suspended Tents Offer More Versatility to Sleep without any Fears among Trees

Tentsile has the adventurous camper in mind with their inventive suspended tent systems. We first featured the company last year, admiring over how you could safely sleep without any fears in the trees with their solid, waterproof products. Since then, they have exposed a few new models that permit for even more adaptability when camping in the air among the trees. 

Tentsile has now introduced a new features a triangular hammock called the “Trillium” that can form a multi-floors outdoor living environment. Moreover, you can stack them to increase sleeping space for additional campers, or make a place to store extra gear, shoes, and even your beloved pets. Tentsile has also introduced Vista, a creative two-layer tree tent, where the diverse levels can be accessed through a floor hatch or sides. Their most imposing product is the “Trilogy”, which is a huge communal shelter that’s designed to hold at least six people above the ground. Therefore, this creative product has three separate sleeping areas and a central canopy that clips together.

The skillful designer Alex Shirley-Smith has first considered of suspended tents as a way of generating portable treehouses. In 2012, he teamed up with designer and co-inventor, Kirk Kirchev, and Tentsile was inaugurated. They have achieved big success during that time, including opening their own manufacturing unit and winning an ISPO design award.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Stunning Sea Glass Sculptures Reflect the Relaxing Qualities of the Ocean

The skilled artist Jonathan Fuller gets a unique idea to recycles the ocean-polished sea glass that he collects along Cornwall's coastline to make exciting, yet calming, works of art. These frosted shards are tumbled by the elements against rocks and sand, forming smooth-shaped textured jewels. He says it comes from a variation of sources including industry, sea defenses, cargo spills as well as overall littering. The most generally found colors are browns, greens, and clears from the bottling industry. However, now that a lot of glass packaging is being replaced by plastic, sea glass is harder to come by. But when he is capable to find these rejected shards, however, Fuller takes the well-worn pieces and embeds them into wood panels to make tricky shapes and designs. Moreover, several of his sculptures look like blossoming flowers when they’re at best times, though others take on the shape of a textbook circle. 

No matter what the design, each exclusive specimen suggests the calming qualities of the sea with varying blue, green, and white tones. Indeed it is very addictive hobby that requires huge patience and a good eye, says the artist when discussing his nautical artwork. Therefore i feel by collecting sea glass I’m making use and recycling these rejected jewels. Therefore, at some days I even walk miles and didn’t find anything and on other day’s handfuls, because you just never know what you're going to find. Though in any case, Fuller accomplishes, we are quite unimportant in relation to the ocean and it desires to be treated with great respect.Source: My Modernmet

Fantastic DIY Project Transforms Broken Pots into Lovely Fairy Gardens

Well, just because a clay pot is broken doesn’t mean that you’ve to throw it out. The creative gardeners have created an ingenious trend that repurposes the broken pieces into fanciful creations, making for a bizarre DIY project. However, it is usually recognized as fairy gardens, these arrangements fashion the clay into tiers or steps for succulents and moss to grow on. They frequently include small figurines or houses to make the pot look like tiny, gorgeous creatures live there. Moreover, this inventive project concept invites you to use your resourcefulness and generate something completely unique. 

The basic procedure includes assembling a clay pot and its broken shards, filling the larger portion of the pot with soil, and then putting the fragments accordingly. Several people use them to build diverse levels within the overall basin. Though, once you those are secured, the real fun starts! It is so good when your own project, begins adding moss, pebbles, and undersize succulent plants to the pot, arranging them to your taste. Therefore, you may add the decorative objects to give your conception that distinctive, imaginary touch. However, you must be remember, that there’s no wrong way to make a fairy garden. Here’s a chance you can check all of the incredibly imaginative variations of DIY.