Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blood Falls is an iron oxide-tainted plume of salt-water

Blood Falls is an iron oxide-tainted plume of salt-water that flows from Taylor Glacier in East Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys during the summer months. It was exposed in 1911 by Australian geologist, Griffith Taylor, who first explored the valley that bears his name. The Antarctica pioneers first attributed the red colour to red algae, but later it was proven to be due only to iron oxides, and is home to 17 types of microbes that have been living in complete isolation without oxygen for millions of years.  This rare place offers researchers a unique opportunity to study deep subsurface microbial life in thrilling conditions without the need to drill deep boreholes in the polar ice cap, with the associated contamination risk of a fragile and still-intact environment. Experts of the NASA Astrobiology Institute speculate that these worlds could contain subglacial liquid water environments favorable to hosting elementary forms of life which would be better protected at depth from ultraviolet and cosmic radiation than on the surface. 

15 Years old boy save the life of Red Fox without concerns to his own life.

Luke Rowles when he was only 15, he saw a group of peoples in a garden, kicking and badly beating this poor fox whose mouth had been sealed shut with duct tape. This young guy went straight to them without concern to his own safety. The world really needs more brave heart people like Luke Rowles, with an unconditional will to help those in need. It doesn’t matter if the fox was a pest or not, respect life. You don’t duct tape its mouth and beat it. That poor fox was defenseless. Would you do that to your own children or pets if they were a pest? I should hope not. Indeed good for young man and we need more caring of our wild animals such as Luke. They were on this earth long before we were. We live in the country and it always thrills our souls to understand a life of beautiful red fox. We love them and taught our children’s to respect wild life. We loved to see the foxes, red tailed hawks, rabbits, and all sorts of song birds. We can't fathom how some humans can be unkind enough to anguish defenseless animals. They are sick in their soul. Any 'animal' who would do that to a little fox is not a human being. They are monsters. If you have to torment a little creature to feel big and important you are one sorry soul. Bless the young man who helped this red fox. We only wish he had several big brothers to whip the idiots who did this. No tape needed-let them scream. We hope he was featured in his local news and given a Good Samaritan award. It's not the fox fault for being so close to humans we have built on their homes they have nowhere to go.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pure White Gold Mercedes Benz

When I think of my dream car, I would think of driving a pure white gold Mercedes Benz, but it would be a real of fun to take for a spin. An advanced billionaire in Abu Dhabi has given the definition of exotic cars extreme makeover-dazzling onlookers with an exclusive white-gold plated Mercedes Benz. A billionaire man of Abu Dhabi has got himself a custom built Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren that has been made out of pure white gold. Pure White Gold Mercedes Benz is owned by an oil billionaire in Abu Dhabi. This car is made using 18k white gold and has awesome specification such as the newly developed V10 quad turbo with 1,600 horsepower and 2800 nm of torque 0-100 km/h in less than 2 seconds, 1/4 mile in 6.89 seconds running on bio fuel. That is not stainless steel, it is pure white Gold. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The World's Largest Building Opens in China, Complete With Fake Mediterranean Village

China is so good at creating big things from wind farms and rubber ducks to gigantic batteries. The newest super-sized project to spring up in the nation is the largest free standing building in the world the New Century Global Center. The latest super-building is 100 meters high, 500 meters long and 400 meters wide, with a floor space of 1.7 million square meters. That’s a big enough to construct 20 Sydney Opera Houses, or three times larger than The Pentagon.
The latest Century Global Center is situated in Chengdu, which is the capital of the Sichuan province in southwestern China. The attractive building, which opened this week, will play host to a wide range of business offices, theaters, shopping malls, hotels, and a faux Mediterranean village and family-themed attractions such as a water park called Paradise Island. The lovely building is designed to be the crown jewel of a newly rejuvenated area of Chengdu called Tainfu New District. Chengdu’s subway line is being expanded to serve the new district, and a new airport is likely to be constructed by th end of 2020, transforming the area into the new economic and cultural capital of western China.

Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest broadcasting tower and second tallest man-made structure after the Dubai's Burj Khalifa.

Tokyo is now home to the Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest broadcasting tower and second tallest man-made structure after the Dubai's Burj Khalifa and Rising 2,080-feet into the sky. Tokyo Skytree has two main objects; one is to relay TV and radio signals that the Tokyo Tower can no longer do reliably and 2nd is to act as a tourism hotspot with two observation decks and a restaurant that will draw up to 32 million visitors annually. Construction on the Skytree first started nearly four years ago on July 14, 2008 although the entirety of the structure was completed on February 29, 2012. It is also built to be even more earthquake-proof than any previous structure in Japan and is capable of absorbing 50 % of a quake's energy. Moreover the tower can glow blue and purple thanks to built-in LEDs. Flickr user hiropismo has a nice timelapse of the Tokyo Skytree changing colors that is worth a look. We have compiled some of our favorite Tokyo Skytree photos we have seen in the gallery below. If you can't fly over to Japan and check it out in person, this is the next best thing. The gigantic Skytree was designed by architects at Nikken Sekkai and developed by Tobu Railway and NHK, Japan's national broadcasting organization.