Saturday, 28 December 2013

Compact Home Designed for Spectacular Views of the Alps

In Austria architect Peter Jungmann is designed a breathtaking fully furnished functional home set on a hill side in the village of Nusdorf just outside Vienna, which is one of best mountains views in Austria.  Playfully taking its name from a combination of the words 'UFO' and 'Vogel,' which means bird in German, Ufogel is set on structural stilts and was commissioned by a family as a holiday house that would capitalize on the stunning views available while having as modest impact on the natural environmental as possible. Although fairly minimalistic in style, the compact house has all the comforts of a traditional one. The living space has a multitude of windows that offers light to every part of the home without sacrificing personal privacy. The overall larch wood finish make a feeling of warmness in the contemporary designs and simple but intentional additions, similar to the coat hooks in the entryway or the glass kettle on the stove, make the space feel lived-in and very comfortable. For those who are searching for a exceptional and fashionable getaway that does not skimp on the view, the house is now available to rent year round.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Unique Concept of Water Tower House Converted Into Livable Home

A 30 meter high tower converted into livable home by architect Mauro Brigham (Bham Design Studio) in Belgium. The tower was constructed somewhere between late 1930’s. The beautiful idea has been transformed into a high technology modern residence which provides all the amenities of a real house, from a bedroom, bathroom, storage space and panoramic terrace. The exterior of the six story structure was eventually renovated prior to the interior restoration which started in 2007, once the damaged concrete columns were well repaired and painted, brick joints were totally removed and substituted the windows in the floor top were enlarged Brigham and his team proceeded to work on the interior design. The water tower house is having special features of desirable aspects for any home owner with truly unique functions. The tower house if fully equipped with modern IT technology and latest systems that permits one to control various facets of the home. This house includes anything from controlling the intensity and color of lihts of the temperature of each room.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Brilliant Snapshots of Bubbles Frozen in Frigid Temperatures

Angela Kelly belongs to Washington and she took the real advantage of frigid temperatures by blowing bubbles and snapped spectacular pictures of her series dubbed Frozen in a Bubble. The formula is very simple just using homemade dish soap, Karo Syrup, and water and then makes light of the 9 to 12 degree temperatures with these frozen bubbles. The swirling orbs seemed to wonderfully crystallize before the photographer's eyes, leaving Kelly and her son speechless. Whereas several of the smaller bubbles froze in mid-air and would fall to the ground, shattering on impact, others managed to maintain their shape and form patches of ice crystals. She says; we blew the bubbles across the top of our frozen patio table and also upon the hood of my car and then see in awe as each individual bubble froze with their own uniqueness patterns. We noticed that they’d freeze entirely before the sun rose and that once the sun as in view they would defrost along the tops or cease freezing altogether. They’d started to deflate and implode in on themselves making them look like alien shapes or in few cases shatter entirely leaving them to look like a cracked egg. 

Monday, 23 December 2013

First Public Demonstrate of Flying Car

A street-legal airplane that converts between flying and driving modes in under a minute, the Transition brings a new level of freedom, flexibility, and fun to personal aviation. Terrafugia transition flying car has performed its first public demonstrations in front of a crowd at the 2013 EAA airventure oshkosh. Dreaming about flying cars is ecstatic idea from 20th Century, and The Transition street-legal airplane is the novel step on the road to the practical flying car. Terrafugia’s vision is definitely future bold concept to lead the creation of a new industry and bring personal aviation into the mainstream. Company is starting with proven technology and product road-map is designed to make personal aviation progressively safer and accessible to a broader segment of the population. Company ability to communicate and access information is increasing intensely; personal transportation has not improved considerably in the past fifty years.  Traveling is today is more of a hassle, and airlines have an impressive safety record; commercial air travel is far from convenient.  
Cars are let you set your own schedule, but they are sluggish and dangerous, these days the average commuter spends nearly five hours a week stuck in traffic, and when you see global analysis, more than one million people die in car crashes each year.  This era needs the safety of commercial aviation, convenience, flexibility and freedom of open sky. Our target is to introduce a new industry that makes personal aviation safer, as simple as driving the own vehicle which is convenient to everyone. Terrafugia intends to lead the creation of a new flying car industry that will help humanity achieve this new dimension of personal freedom.  

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