Friday, 27 December 2013

Unique Concept of Water Tower House Converted Into Livable Home

A 30 meter high tower converted into livable home by architect Mauro Brigham (Bham Design Studio) in Belgium. The tower was constructed somewhere between late 1930’s. The beautiful idea has been transformed into a high technology modern residence which provides all the amenities of a real house, from a bedroom, bathroom, storage space and panoramic terrace. The exterior of the six story structure was eventually renovated prior to the interior restoration which started in 2007, once the damaged concrete columns were well repaired and painted, brick joints were totally removed and substituted the windows in the floor top were enlarged Brigham and his team proceeded to work on the interior design. The water tower house is having special features of desirable aspects for any home owner with truly unique functions. The tower house if fully equipped with modern IT technology and latest systems that permits one to control various facets of the home. This house includes anything from controlling the intensity and color of lihts of the temperature of each room.

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