Thursday, 30 July 2015

“The Rock Restaurant” giving a breathtaking sunset you’d witness

Well, in the first look this ocean-side structure in Zanzibar looks to be someone’s private house, makeshift getaway built atop a lone boulder. But, the self-effacing locale is in fact a bright and airy eatery named “The Rock Restaurant”, a formation that sits 23 feet above the water and boasts idyllic, memorable views of the surrounding Indian Ocean. The laid-back interior has huge, open doorways that permit natural breezes to circulate and the beauty of the glistening, crystal-clear waters to shine within view. This gorgeous landscape is also the food source for the restaurant, and before dinner service, employees search for fresh fare, offering customers the “catch of the day.” In spite of being surrounded by water, tourists can walk through the water and up the stairs without any problem, when they visit during low tide. Well, if you want to staying past high tide, however, means taking a boat service back to the shore. Therefore, considering the breathtaking sunset you’d witness, it doesn’t seem like a bad trade off!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Incredible SALT Lamp Requires Only One Glass of Saltwater to Supply Light For 8 Hours

The SALT Lamp is a very cost effective light source which is helping peoples to changing their life in Philippines. The revolutionary invention was created by skillful engineer Aisa Mijena as assets for the several households. That is unable to access or afford electricity.  As countless peoples used to rely on oil lamps which can cause fires or costly battery powered lights. Her device provides them with a safe and economical source of illumination. 

Indeed SALT Lamp is revolutionary instrument that needs only a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt to supply a night’s worth of light.  Though, if salt isn't readily available to mix with water, the creative product is able to run on close to ocean water and a feature that will absolutely come in handy during a crisis. The lantern's electrodes are also extraordinary because they can work for one year without needing to be replaced.

The creative safe and harmless lighting tool alternative is presently being designed for non-profit organizations and for those in require. In next to no time, it will be easily made available to all customers. As they start to increase and produce this inventive product. Moreover SALT Lamp hopes to deal out another version that can charge cell phones and other portable electronic devices.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Frightening Glass Capsules Hang 400 Feet above Peru’s Sacred Valley

 Well, if you’re thrill seeker, and seeking something different, then try this unique “Skylodge”, a trio of transparent pods strongly placed above 400 feet the ground on a cliff-face in the Peruvian Andes. Indeed this is new life time experience to stay capsules that is hanged with the cliff. Therefore, “Skylodge” is situated near the city of Cuzco, the lovely three 24 x 8 meter capsules, made from polycarbonate and aluminium, are operated by Peruvian tour company Natura Viva and overlook the remarkable Sacred Valley a region distinguished for its magnificent scenery, little villages and death-defying roads. Moreover, the price you will have to pay to stay in one of these extremely unique capsules has to climb a 400-foot steel ladder embedded in the almost sheer-cliff face to get to one of these exclusive hotels. If you don’t fancy about that, you can also hike or even use a zip-wire. Oh, and the other price you will have to pay is about $300 USD.

3D Grass Printer Lets You Produce Creative Gardens in Any Shape You Want

In 2013, students Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Rženičnik and Simon Tržan, at the University of Maribor in Slovenia designed a “green” 3D printer, recognized as “PrintGREEN”, whose output has the facility to grow grass. The students conceived by they developed the device with the support of their mentor Dušan Zidar. The creative invention prints an earthy mixture in a multiplicity of shapes and sizes, letting you to express your gardening creativeness with exceptional designs. 
Therefore, “PrintGREEN”, which is a creatively-modified CNC machine, dispenses a combination of soil, seeds, and water, somewhat than plastic or metal. Thus, the mud holds its form firmly and, over the time, grass is able to grow from the organic, printed materials. However, there’re number of uses for this kind of machine, one of which is the application of single-surface compositions containing lettering, artwork, and decorative patterns. In addition, “PrintGREEN” is capable of printing along the z-axis to produce bowls and other sculptural forms. These stuffs don't encompass seeds in their structures in its place; they incorporate a top-layer of grass to grow like a potted planter.

Adorable "Leaf Sheep" Sea Slugs Look like Green Algae

If you thought that sea bunnies were so cute, then you’ve to change your thoughts and here’s chance to one more underwater treasure that will make you automatically say “aww!" Costasiella kuroshimae (also referred to as "leaf sheep" and "Shaun the sheep") is a species of sacoglossan sea slug whose beady eyes and flat face make it just look like an attractive cartoon sheep. Moreover few droopy feelers and a phosphorescent, leaf-like body, and this little adorable may just be the prettiest slug in the ocean! The stunning “Costasiella kuroshimae”, can grow up to 5 millimeters in length; can be found near Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. In the first look they graze on green algae, and use the chloroplasts from their food to manufacturing their own vitality in a process called kleptoplasty. One of the only non-plant organisms in the world that can do photosynthesis, leaf sheep can live up to a few months on the energy formed from “kleptoplasty”. Check Out Video at Youtube

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lina Medina, Five Years Old Youngest Confirmed Mother in Medical History,

Lina Medina who was born on September 27, 1933 in Ticrapo is a Peruvian woman, who is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months and 17 days. She lives in Lima, the capital of Peru. Lina Medina was brought to the hospital by her parents because of her unusually large abdomen. Initially, they thought that her daughter suffering from massive abdominal tumor. But her physician Dr. Gerardo Lozada was absolutely shocked to find out that the Lina was actually eight months pregnant. You believe it or not, but it’s a true story that Lina is Worlds’ youngest mother who gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the age of five. This was really a medical unique case and it is decided to handle the case senior doctors, and the surgery was performed by Dr. Lozada and Dr. Busalleu, with Dr. Colareta providing anesthesia. Therefore, when the doctors performed the caesarean to deliver her baby, they’ve amazingly found that she already had fully mature sexual organs from precocious puberty.

Indeed this is medical miracle, Lina was found to have fully developed mammary glands and sexual organs due to a condition known as “precocious puberty”. Her parents revealed that Lina had been having her menstruation since the age of 3. After medical examiner Lina, Doctors were really astounded to discover that young girl menstruation began when she only eight months old. Lina’s son whom named was Gerardo after her doctor weight over 6 pounds at birth. However, her son grew up and believing that she was actually his big sister but her real identity was hidden when he turned 10. Even though Lina's father was arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse, but later on he was released due to lack of evidence, and the biological father who impregnated Lina was never identified. Gerardo lived a healthy life until he passed away at the age of 40 due to bone marrow disease. Many have tagged the shocking story of Lina as hoax but the doctors who had handle her case, actually show photos, X-ray and documentation providing the five years old girl pregnancy.

Friday, 24 July 2015

“Ricochet” A Surf Dog help Disable Peoples provides Inspiration Healing and Hope

Well here’s chance to meet you a “Surf Dog” called “Ricochet”, only a 7-year-old pup with a brave heart of gold and the incredible ability to support heal and inspire people with disabilities through the power of surfing. The Surf Dog Ricochet born in January 2008, the golden retriever was initially trained as a service dog, but she quickly gained the big reputation of a puppy prodigy as she exceptionally learned how to navigate hard tasks like unzipping clothing, switching the lights on and off, and opening doors,. As the time passes she grew older, though, it soon became clear that “Ricochet's” endless energy and love of rushing birds made her a little too energetic to be a service animal. Fortunately, her owner was able to find “Ricochet” a purpose in life that makes her truly happy “surfing”!

Now, Ricochet has found her true calling as a "SURFice dog" who rides the waves with special-needs children and people with disabilities as an assistive aid and intuitive muse. She impulsively offers warmth, balance, and support for individuals venturing out on a surfboard for the first time, giving them unforgettable experiences that will positively inspire them to keep living the best life. Not only has she provided immeasurable love and inspiration for the people around her, but Ricochet has also accomplished to raise approximately $400,000 for charitable purposes through her surfing activities. 

Well, what makes Ricochet unusual is her powerful ability to make immediate, deep, heart-to-heart connections with the individuals she interacts with. She instinctively and empathically alerts to their passionate and physical requirements, which lets for profound paws-on healing interventions." These exceptional qualities of hers have earned Ricochet well-deserved appreciation and applause, including the “AKC Award for Canine Excellence”, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award, and Dog of the Year from the ASPCA. The amazing story of this stimulating therapy dog/surfing champ/boundless beam of sunshine is documented in Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Confidence with the Dog Who Motivates Millions, an encouraging "pawtobiography" available on Amazon.

Watch video at youtube