Thursday, 30 July 2015

“The Rock Restaurant” giving a breathtaking sunset you’d witness

Well, in the first look this ocean-side structure in Zanzibar looks to be someone’s private house, makeshift getaway built atop a lone boulder. But, the self-effacing locale is in fact a bright and airy eatery named “The Rock Restaurant”, a formation that sits 23 feet above the water and boasts idyllic, memorable views of the surrounding Indian Ocean. The laid-back interior has huge, open doorways that permit natural breezes to circulate and the beauty of the glistening, crystal-clear waters to shine within view. This gorgeous landscape is also the food source for the restaurant, and before dinner service, employees search for fresh fare, offering customers the “catch of the day.” In spite of being surrounded by water, tourists can walk through the water and up the stairs without any problem, when they visit during low tide. Well, if you want to staying past high tide, however, means taking a boat service back to the shore. Therefore, considering the breathtaking sunset you’d witness, it doesn’t seem like a bad trade off!

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