Friday, 17 April 2015

Incredible Photo of Angry lion about to Pounce on Brave Photographer Just 10 feet from it

A Pakistani nature photographer was almost attacked by a lion after going inside its home in Lahore Zoo Safari park to get up-close and take photographs. Atif Saeed 38, just moments before the lion made an offensive move is now going viral on the Internet. Atif says; the frightening experience was "indescribable."  I captured the spectacular photo in Jan, 2012 when he was granted the permission to go inside the lion's habitat to take a photograph. 

Atif drove his car in and sat on the ground near the car with the door left open, and he was only a "jump away from the lion."  However; the sense of the aggressive, imminent lion from the camera is something that can't be described. I was witnessing every small detail of movement that no photograph or movie can show. The lion seemed to treat him like prey and after a few minutes, the lion "offensively moved" in an attempt to attack him, so he straightaway jumped in the car and fortunately escaped unscathed. 

It was an indeed very close encounter, and then I was laughing afterwards at the time, but I don't think I'd ever be able to do something like that again. It was an adult male lion and what I liked most about him was the lovely, dark hair on his neck. Lahore Safari Park is in Pakistan and it would seem the lions are not shy of publicity. As well as the remarkable lions, there’re also Bengal tigers, emus ostriches and an array of birds. Therefore back in 2008 a Bengal tiger attacked a guard in the park, thankfully he survived. Atif Saeed on Facebook

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