Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Latest Airless Bike Tires, That Never Get Flat

The latest Airless Bike Tires That Will Never Get Flat, the tire is a thing that can ruin even the best bike trip. Though, riders can overlook dragging around their patch kits and pumps, because “Nexo” produced an airless tire to ensure they keep pedaling. The Flat-free tires aren’t new, however they weren’t extensively used because of poor rigidity and shock absorption, compared to the conventional ones.
The Utah-based company claims to have found a solution to these problems. The tires are made from poly-meter blends that are believed to offer not only a faultless balance of cushion and pliability, but sturdiness as well. The flat tires comes in two dissimilar shapes, tires can be mounted on existing wheels with a lifetime of up to 3,100 miles, and others, which replace the whole wheel set and last for up to 5,000 miles. Moreover, if that’s not sufficient, Nexo made their products from a single material, which makes recyclability indeed easy. Thus, considering that 10,000,000 tons of bike tires and tubes are waste every year, that’s surely a step in the right direction.

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Brilliant World of Mushroom

Yukio Takano a talented artist is well-versed in the whimsical art of “great mushrooming.” He’s mainly enthused by the environment and intrigued by the storybook-esque charm of toadstools; he pools found driftwood with synthetic materials to make charming and remarkably lifelike sculptures of glowing mushrooms. 

The artist Takano’s fairytale-like fungi are as accurate as they are extremely gorgeous. Moreover, every sculpture is well composed of radiant mushrooms and a cast-off driftwood base from which they sprout. Hence the spores are handcrafted out of resin and fitted with hidden LED lights, which are controlled by a simple switch and powered by cleverly concealed batteries. Once lit, the mushrooms’ caps function as miniature lampshades, emitting a mild glow and softly enlightening their surroundings. 

Furthermore, the enchanted mushrooms range in size, from large and bulky to subtle and delicate, and they come in a rainbow range of charming colors from soft blues and warm yellows to beaming reds and neon greens. He has also experimented with different caps, stems, and heights, exemplifying his in-depth interest in and complete knowledge of the brilliant world of fungi. Yukio Takano has been crafting and selling his bewitching models for many years. Unluckily, given their immensely delicate nature, he does not ship them abroad but you can still gaze upon the hypnotic, one-of-a-kind works below.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Biggest Huntsman Spider Found in Queenstown Australia

An Australian Female Photographer snap of gigantic creepy crawly terrifies arachnophobes. The Arachnophobes look away now, but this photograph will haunt your dreams. The stunning photograph shows a gigantic huntsman crawling over a broom on an animal rescue farm in Queensland’s Brisbane Valley. The Dubbed Charlotte the animal rescuer, who is moved it from harm’s way, the huge creepy crawly will look like a waking nightmare to anyone with a fear of spiders. However, the photograph was taken October last year, but viral on Social Media in recent times. 

The spider photograph spreading like wildfire, and many commenters surprised, why anyone would get up close and personal with an arachnid of such formidable stature. Therefore, 100% approve of and respect what you are doing here, but please, for the love of God keep that thing and all of its family and friends over there and the heck away from me,’ wrote another. Moreover, another marveled at the arachnid’s hulking frame, signifying it was rare for them to grow that large. That’s massive as she will get it's actually not at all normal for huntsman to get this big. The spider bite isn’t dangerous to humans but it’s their fearsome appearance that’s the real concern. Normally the spiders are tarnished for popping out of car dashboards at unexpected times, with calamitous consequences. Source: Charismatic Planet

The Naples 19th Century Secret Tunnel Full of Vintage Cars and Motorbikes

A Naples secret 19th century tunnel was once used to be an escape route for the king, but with the passage of times, it has converted into vintage graveyard of cars and motorbikes. The Naples has rich history of home to a mysterious warren of tunnels carved into 16th century aqueducts. The mesmerizing tunnel is 100 feet below ground all are more intriguing is that they were built by a king. In 1950’s the tunnel became a place for discarded motorbikes rusting vintage cars and water tanks which were then long forgotten. Moreover, it is accessed via an 18th century staircase not far from the Piazza del Plebiscite in central Naples, in the early 2000s locals re-discovered and transformed the passageways into a eccentric tourist attraction. Therefore, it is believed that Bourbon tunnel was actually designed for King Ferdinand II of Bourbon. He used the tunnel as escape route interlinking the royal palace and the army barracks in 1853.
Thus, the enigmatic passageways were actually designed in response to the spate of revolts the monarch faced during his volatile reign. Eager to make use of the city’s prehistoric aqueducts, a plan was developed to build the structure in the cisterns of the Bolla and Carmignano aqueducts. Unluckily the King was died before the tunnel completed. Hence, after that the regal route no longer required, the tunnels served for several purposes over the years, with this ample space providing storage and protection to the few citizens privy to its existence. Therefore, the passageways and aqueducts offered refuge as a military hospital and bomb shelter during World War II and then became converting into a warehouse for impounded vehicles from the 1940s until the 1960s. Moreover visitors crawling through the tunnels nowadays will be sure to encounter the dusty relics of vintage cars and retro motorcycles that have been abandoned underground.
Thus, after reviving these unbelievable passageways, Galleria Borbonica planned three different types of tours to sate the curiosity of locals and tourists alike. So, on a standard tour, visitors can walk inside the tunnel, can see the bomb shelters and water tanks. However the high-octane adventure tour includes a raft ride in a subway tunnel, which has become flooded with water. Lastly, the speleo tour permits guests to relish a hands-on gritty familiarity crawling through the tunnels in helmets fitted with torches. Nevertheless before anyone starts to fantasies that they have been transported back to the days of King Ferdinand II, they will have the chance to ride a zip line, which is sure to thrust them back into the present day.