Sunday, 26 August 2012

New Hover Vehicle Recalls ‘Star Wars’ Bike

A resurrected hover vehicle won’t fly through dense forests as easily as the “Star Wars” speeder bikes from “Return of the Jedi,” however its user friendly controls may one day permit anyone to fly it without pilot training. The aerial vehicle resembles a science fiction flying bike with two ducted rotors in place of wheels, however comes from a design abandoned in the 1960s due to balance and rollover problems. Aerofex, a California-based firm, set the stableness issue by creating a mechanical system controlled by two control bars at knee-level which allows the vehicle to react to a human pilot’s leaning movements and natural sense of balance. Consider it as lowering the threshold of flight, down to the domain of ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles),” said Mark De Roche, an aerospace engineer as well as founder of Aerofex.
This kind of automatic controls may permit physicians to fly future versions of the vehicle to pay a visit to rural patients in places without roads, or enable border patrol officers to go about their duties without pilot training. Everything comes about involuntarily without the need for electronics, let alone complicated artificial common sense or flight software. It basically captures the translations between the two in three axis ( pitch, roll and yaw), and also triggers the aerodynamic controls needed to counter the movement which lines the vehicle back up with the pilot,”
Since the pilot’s controlling movements are reasonable and continuous, it performs out quite very easily to him. But Aerofex would not plan to instantly develop and promote a manned version. Rather, the aerospace firm observes the aerial vehicle as an experiment platform for new unmanned drones — heavy-lift robotic workhorses that may utilize the similar hover technology to work in agricultural fields, or effortlessly provide supplies to search-and-rescue teams in rough terrain. Perhaps the soldiers or Special Forces may employ such hover drones to carry or deliver heavy supplies in the constrained spaces between buildings in cities. U.S. Marines have actually begun testing robotic helicopters to provide supplies in Afghanistan.
The hovering drones will not fly as successfully as helicopters due to their shorter rotor blades; however their completely enclosed rotors have the benefit of a much smaller size and protection near humans. They are really much less effective than a helicopter, that has the advantage of larger diameter rotors,” De Roche explained. “They have exclusive performance advantages, however; since they have verified flight within trees, near walls and under bridges. Aerofex possesses presently limited human flight testing to a height of 15 feet in addition to speeds of around 30 mph, however more out of caution rather than due to any technological limits. Earlier versions of the hover vehicles can fly about as quickly as helicopters, De Roche said. Flight testing in California’s Mojave Desert led to the presentation of a technical paper regarding Aerofex’s achievements at the Future Vertical Lift Conference in January 2012. The firm ideas to fly a second version of its vehicle in October, as well as make an unmanned drone version for flight testing by the end of 2013.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Biggest 2012 Python Snake found 17-foot long found in Florida Everglades

Biggest Python Snake on the planet: 17-foot lengthy discovered in Florida Everglades, which is the biggest snake discovered in 2012. The largest python on the earth is 17 foot long and was prepared to lay 87 eggs. It was discovered in the Florida Everglades and if you are scared of snakes, this creation will make your Ophidiophobia even worse. The biggest snake of the python species is 17 foot and 7-inches in length, is weighs 164 pounds and carried 87 eggs in its oviducts, that becoming the latest state record ! What happened to the monster? Let’s find out together.
A group of research workers from Florida makes a very thrilling discovery! Indeed an enormous Burmese python, measuring 17-feet and 7-inches (5.3 meters) and weighing 164-1/2 pounds. Furthermore, the massive creature was pregnant with no less than 87 eggs. The creature was found was discovered in the Everglades National Park, and its dimensions shows precisely how well this Southeast Asian species is doing in South Florida.
This beautiful exemplary of the greatest Python was put to sleep and taken to the University of Florida for investigations as to what the species take in from the local fauna, also to discover a lot more about how they could put a stop to the increasing amounts of this killer species. This kind of snakes is constrictors, which means they kill their prey by coiling around it and chocking it to death.
The snakes are extremely difficult to capture, which since they have established themselves in the Everglades, they will soon be not possible to eliminate.

Home at the top of volcano valued $750000

a secluded house that provides privacy for sale to the public. Distinctly, this home was constructed right over top of the volcano off, in the desert in Southern California, the United States.
This desert is between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in Newberry Springs, San Bernardino, therefore the home was dubbed the Volcano House. The proprietor, Huell Howser, complete with a home area, amounting to 60 hectares. As host of the demonstrate traveling California’s Gold is marketing the entire place and its surrounding sandy land with a value of $ 750000. The home making use of concrete and beam frame around it and furthermore, you also have the main house, guest house beside the lake, and area sufficient to land a helicopter.
The primary residence has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and amusement place is open, whereas his guest house in a smaller area because it has only one bedroom and bathroom. The central house has a long and winding road. Sights of the desert landscape are shown in the main house. The desert may be seen right from the floor, ceiling, up to a dome-shaped roof. However, the balcony provides a number of places to sunbathe.
Even though the sun shone vibrantly outside the home, in the high temperature will not feel hot. The home will remain cooler because the brick walls and floors made? Of ceramic material, which put together with the corner of the window that is made to make a secure and safe area? The home is constructed on a hill fractional active volcano with a height of 50 feet or 15 meters in 1968 by architect Harold J. Bissner Jr.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Morpheus Lunar Lander Try Finishes With Crash and Burn, Ultimate Explosion

Morpheus Lunar Lander Try Finishes With Crash and Burn, Ultimate Explosion

Morpheus Lunar Lander Try Finishes With Crash and Burn, Ultimate Explosion
Observed here after details took a turn for the serious (worst?), NASA's brand-new Morpheus Lander finishes its life on a test launch pad. Everything begin smooth enough (it goes up), however it collapses on its side and gets fire and worthwhile explosion at 1:52 and 2:12. Furthermore info so that you can impress a date and, I don’t know, perhaps scores a kiss: As streamed live by NASA, on 8/9/2012 at the Kennedy Space Center, the Project Morpheus lender tried its first free-flight test. Nevertheless shortly into the test a hardware component failure triggered the craft to flip over and crash and burn down in flames, followed by a number of explosions. Project Morpheus is a prototype "green" lander which is fairly affordable and more fuel efficient than earlier lander designs. Project Morpheus has cost $7 million over 2 .5 years, low-priced for a NASA project, due to "lean development" practices. Listen NASA, I am all for doing stuff inexpensively, but if your new, cheap lunar landers simply crash and blast they are like, not too good of a deal, you know? Think about you are at Best Buy and they are selling 55" flatscreens for $150. You get one, however when you get it home, it doesn't start up. Now how great of a deal was it? Food for thought or? Hit the jump for the unhappiness.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Edison’s Cradle? A Kinetic Toy Reinvented with Light

As part of his senior thesis exhibition at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, art student Yasutoki Kariya re-imagined the ubiquitous desktop gadget, Newton’s Cradle, employing a beautiful series of light bulbs. Named Asobi (which reads roughly as “playing“) the 11-bulb installation produces a visual interpretation of the well-known toy called after Sir Isaac Newton showing his third law of motion regarding momentum: that for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Although, rather than real energy created by the kinetic force of steel balls, Kariya made an approach for making use of programmed light and two surreptitiously placed pistons to set up this simply visual experience that’s certainly a lot more hypnotic than the unique concept. .

As an added super bonus, the group over at the Experiments in Motion blog produced the animation above which very easily contends for just one of the most lovely animated gifs I have ever seen, now racking up over 167,000 shares on Tumblr this weekend. Asobi was selected for the 2012 Mitsubishi Junior Designer Award.

Idyllic Photographs of the Tuscan Landscape by Marcin Sobas

Poland-based photographer Marcin Sobas captures mesmerizing images of agricultural fields and hills of Tuscany, Italy and the Czech Republic. Sobas approach is unique in that instead of capturing the entirety of the landscape he instead uses a telephoto zoom lens allowing him to take tightly cropped shots that appear both immense in scale but extremely specific in scope. You can read more about his process in an interview over on 500x.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Xiying Rainbow Bridge

The Xiying Rainbow Bridge
The Xiying Rainbow Bridge is an elevated pedestrian walkway located in Magong, Penghu County in Taiwan. The bridge is lined with a thin neon band that reflects a rainbow onto the water’s surface below at night. This is the bridge that comes up when “Rainbow Bridge in Taiwan”. It’s a pedestrian bridge. The bridge on the Tour home-screen is a much larger bridge. I still saved that first picture though. Thanks dollface. Based on the outside lighting it looks like it’s another picture from the same photo-shoot that was used.

Humanoid Robot Swims Similar to Somebody

Humanoid Robot Swims Similar to Somebody
In “dammit” Japan” reports comes a humanoid robot that could mimic the freestyle, backstroke and breast-stroke swimming styles of a human being. Exactly why, most likely so when the terrestrial robots herd us all into the water, there would already be a bit of aquatic ones there in a position to drown us. Great reports, actually.
In its primitive prototype form, Tokyo Institute of Technology’s humanoid swimming robot can do a freestyle crawl at 0 .64 meters per second that will also do the backstroke and butterfly. Actually, the Swumanoid doesn’t even swim on command on a regular basis. Aside from its researcher’s aspirations of deploying it to rescue drowning victims one day , the robot’s more practical make use of could be for evaluating just how individuals swim to look for patterns that will help develop a swimmer’s technique.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Fish with Human Teeth Discovered in Lake Lou Yaeger, Litchfield, Illinois.

Fish with Human Teeth Discovered in Lake 2012 and other pictures of fishes with caught previously. A different fish which has human teeth was evident in june 2012, in Lake Lou Yaeger, Litchfield, Illinois. A lot of people are freaked of this hazardous surprising strange fish, which first was labeled as a piranha, however when they grabbed it and viewed its teeth they were surprised: human like teeth! It appears that somebody dumped this intimidating odd fish in the lake, however no one understands the quantity of them are there.

Currently the individuals from Litchfield are too frightened to swim in the lake, however the biologists promise them which they must not worry, because this fish is not harmful to humans. The strange fish was recognized as the Pacu fish, which usually lives in the Amazon. It is not going to stay alive the winter in Illinois. Below you can observe the fish in the image, along with what the individual’s state about it. In 2009 so called ‘vampire’ fish was introduced by National Geographic, together with a fish which has human teeth, the Pacu fish. Here’s a picture of the Pacu fish:

Monday, 6 August 2012

World’s most expensive nail polish

We were not completed drooling at the eighteen carat gold nail polish by O.P.I and also you will find one more brand mocking us! The most high-priced nail polish in the entire world has been unveiled, speckled with 267-carats of black color diamonds.

This hottest entrant holds the title of world’s most high-priced nail polish from Gold Rush. The little container of varnish produced by Los Angeles based luxury jeweler Azature has been obscenely costing $250,000. Just one container of the nail polish would be generated and it has been focused at the ‘one-percenters’. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mouse With A Fan For Sweaty Gamers

As an aspiring athlete I get pretty hot sometimes while I play, so it’s nice to have a fan handy. What do I play? Esports… as in electronic sports… as in video games… as in not actual sports. Still, it takes a lot of energy to click goblins to death—especially when you weigh 3 times your character’s level and your hand meat gets all sweaty even when you’re not gaming. That’s why Tt eSPORTS has developed the new patent pending BLACK Element Gaming Mouse Cyclone Edition, which is a really long way to say “mouse with a fan on it.” According to the product page it “blows away your gaming tension and sweat…” and dignity (courtesy by

Awesome Super Mario Bros Glass Pipe

Because smoking weed until your brain melts and playing video games until your brain melts go hand in hand, here’s a Super Mario Brothers Glass Pipe. It was created (blown?) by artist Paul Stephan. I guess you could say it’s a WARP pipe! Get it? Because it, like, warps your mind and… Aw hell, just forget it! I’m dumb. Plus high. Which is why I’m making zero sense and I really, really want a burrito. But not just any burrito — a burrito that wants me back. I’m so lonely! Drive me to Taco Bell? (courtesy by

Octo-Pipe: The Cephalopot Glass Pipe

This is a bad ass Octopus Pipe by Etsy shop LoudActions. It’s soooo cool. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have eight hands? Then you could be all puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff pass! But for $600? I can’t afford that mess! I mean, come on, I need that cash for weed money! And isn’t that just a perfect example of the cruel world we live in today? I could afford this pipe if I gave up smoking, but if I gave up smoking, I would… Maaaan, I love this song! What was I talking about? Aw forget it. Hey, if you pack a bowl I’ll let you drive me to Taco Bell. Your treat! (courtesy to