Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Humanoid Robot Swims Similar to Somebody

Humanoid Robot Swims Similar to Somebody
In “dammit” Japan” reports comes a humanoid robot that could mimic the freestyle, backstroke and breast-stroke swimming styles of a human being. Exactly why, most likely so when the terrestrial robots herd us all into the water, there would already be a bit of aquatic ones there in a position to drown us. Great reports, actually.
In its primitive prototype form, Tokyo Institute of Technology’s humanoid swimming robot can do a freestyle crawl at 0 .64 meters per second that will also do the backstroke and butterfly. Actually, the Swumanoid doesn’t even swim on command on a regular basis. Aside from its researcher’s aspirations of deploying it to rescue drowning victims one day , the robot’s more practical make use of could be for evaluating just how individuals swim to look for patterns that will help develop a swimmer’s technique.

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