Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stunning Ocean Stones Meticulously Covered in Intriguing Tiny Dots

Through her vibrant artwork, Canada-based creative Elspeth McLean purpose to attach people to their inner child. One way she does this is through small ocean stones that were located on beaches in New Zealand. They’re painted with lovely bright colors that feature a series of dots decoratively arranged along the surface. Elspeth McLean’s designs changes in scheme and pattern, but they always delight in an almost-hypnotic way. It is very easy to get lost in looking at all of the complicated details. Elspeth McLean uses a small brush and acrylic paint to form these pieces. She has applied multiple layers of paint and sometimes as many as 6 applications - so that her dots keep their shape and create a slightly three-dimensional effect. This meticulous process is what supports to make her pieces so striking. 

She writes about her work, “Painting is my way to find my “happy place” and color is a way to express and celebrate the colors of my soul.” She’s influenced by nature, animals, the changing seasons, and her world travels with a musician husband. Therefore looking at my art from over the years it is very evident that my art becomes like a storybook into my life where I was, what I was doing, what inspired and interested me at that time. I must say, what a lovely sentiments.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Turn old Bottles into Beautiful rechargeable lamp

Wow, I’m sure you’d like the creative idea of turn old bottles into lamps with rechargeable LED corks. We all have sufficient old bottles at home with no use. Now some of our favorite creative products and inventions are ones that give used objects/trash a second life. The rechargeable bottle light from the Foodiggity shop is a very shrewd way to constructively and simply repurpose empty glass bottles and turn them into convenient, safe and unique sources of soft light. The rechargeable bottle light developed by Suck UK, a home accessory and gift company, turns old empty bottles into attractive, simple table lamps. The stunning lamp looks much like a large tapered cork, the bottom of which is a bright white LED light. When switched on and placed inside the bottle’s neck, the lamp will shine for up to three hours before needing a new charge, which will take about an hour through its USB connection. Understandably, the white LED light will assume the color of whatever color the bottle is, giving users the chance to make both simple desk lamps and colored atmospheric lights.

Photographer Captures “Freezes Waves” Just like Mountains of the Sea

Artists have wrestled with the raw, magnificent, natural supremacy of the sea for hundreds of years, but Australian photographer “Ray Collins” is one of the few persons who really get it right. Ray Collins’ epic wave photographs seem to freeze and capture all of the sea’s power, casting it in the respectful and splendid light that it deserves. Ray Collins writes that “feels more at home floating in saltwater with his camera than anywhere on land,” and this comes across in his work. He is an expert surf sport photographer as well, but his most influential photographs are of the sea itself as a subject or even as a character.

Sea Stills - Ray Collins from Ray Collins on Vimeo.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Schrall Coloured Eggs Company in Austria

Well, have you ever heard about color eggs or do you ever see color eggs? May be not yet? Now here you have a chance to see the production of colored eggs being prepared in Austrian factory. Schrall is one of Austrian biggest colored eggs producer in the Austrian Village of Diendorf. In their factory premises, they produced approximately 10 million colored eggs round the year. In the below photographs, you can see the employees are working on eggs at different phases. 

The eggs are travelled in production line, and then they’re lifting eggs & placing on conveyor belts, which runs through different stages and finally stacked in cartons.Well, we’re sure, you’d be amaze to see this process of coloring the eggs and like them as well. It’d be nice to see your comments on this post. 

A Heart Touching Story of Blind Man and his Armless Friend Spend 10 Years Planting 10,000 Trees in his village in China

So, by looking at the lush, green, tree-filled stretch of land north of the Yeli Village in Sunzhuang Township, Jingxing County, Hebei, China, it is really hard to believe that just 12 years ago, these plains surfaces were filled with nothing, just with rocks and weeds. But this miraculous transformation is all due to the exorbitant hard working and dedication of duo have been planting thousands of trees in an effort to protect and preserve the natural ecology of the land surrounding their village. 

A blind man named “Jia Haixia” and his friend “Jia Wenqi”, a double amputee with no arms has spent over 10 years replanting trees to revive the once-barren environment. The brave man, Haixia was born blind in one eye and lost the other eye in 2000 in a work-related accident. However; Wenqi lost both of his arms in an accident when he was only 3 years old. Both are great friends and together, they’ve leased 8 acres of land from the government and have started replanting the land with trees to protect the village from flooding. We must say; in life there’s no excuse for us not doing things when these two do so much with so little. 

The power of the human spirit is incredible. It is really remarkable what God can do in us when we don't give up. Their tenacity and combined efforts to protect the environment put all of us who are physically normal but nothings do in fact. We must acknowledge their dedications & efforts in order to support in our prayers to get the required physical and financial and moral support. That is what we can do for the time being. After they went viral in China, Haixia may receive surgery for his blinding, congenital cataract.They’re such a wonderful pair of good companions.  They’re really heroes! Indeed they’re deserve a big salute and hurray to them.