Thursday, 30 January 2014

Japanese Farmer Harvested World’s Heart Shaped Watermelon

Japanese people are so innovative and quality conscious as well; the best example shown by Japanese farmer Hiroichi Kimura, who has finally harvested the world's first heart shaped watermelon, after several years of hard research. When upon a neighbor's request, Hiroichi Kimura started his research about a heart shaped watermelon. After sensibly considering all the factors that affects this process, Hiroichi extremely worked hard to bring this awesome watermelon alive which happened after long process of trial and error. He said i want my customers to eat something delicious, although after managing to cultivate the melon of his dreams, he carry on to research and develop novel, innovative, delicious varieties of watermelon.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Farmers in Japan have created pentagon-shaped fruits.

It is believed all over world, Japanes are quality conscious and very hard work nation to experiment on different idea. Similar, the iyokan citrus fruits or called “Gokaku no lyokan” were handed out as good luck charm for student in the upcoming entrance exam season in Yawatahama, Ehime. Moreover; “Gokaku no lyokan” means “sweat smell of success in exams”.  The hard working farmer Keisuke Ninomiya, Akihiro Nagaoka and Jo Kubota of Hiduchi Tachibana Club holding up Pentagon Shaped iyokan citrus fruits.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Stunning Beauty of High Speed Water Drop Photography

There are whole worlds out there that humans cannot foresee with the naked eye. But with potent microscopes we are capable to observe life at the microscopic and even atomic level; and with high-speed cameras we are proficient to observe proceedings that happen in fractions of a second. The genius photographer Markus Reugels focuses on the latter primarily testing with water drops. Through dizzying combinations of lighting, food coloring, surfaces liquid and solid and airstreams; Markus Reugels produces unbelievable liquid art that occurs and disappears in a split-second, but it is immortalized via his photography. Markus Reguels focuses on the fact that the pictures are not Photo-shopped and that he only uses post-production software to eliminate things like sensor dust. All colors and tones are naturally processed and the shapes and patterns are not digitally manipulated. At the end of the gallery I have included some slow-motion video to display how some of the shots are achieved along with an informative video interview with Reugels that delves deeper into his process and set up. For further details; you need to check out more of Markus’ incredible work at the links below.

Camera Strapped To Soaring Eagle Provides Captivating Nature View

If you ever doubted what it might be like to elegantly glide through the air like an eagle. This video is the chance of your dream true, actually features a bird's eye view of the world as an eagle soars across the Mer de Glace, a glacier located in the Chamonix Valley in France, with a video camera strapped to its back. The sound of the air rushing past offers a natural experience for viewers, who may rapidly get lost in the lovely scenery and feel unnerved by the aviator's sometimes wobbly flight pattern. It is uncertain who actually attached the camera to the bird. The video is recently uploaded by user Srachi. If you looking for a tranquil calm moment in nature during an otherwise hectic day, this is certainly the video to watch! Leave your comments after the post that would encourage the user to make such videos in more dramatic way. Let’s enjoy the video. 

Magnificent Violin Shaped Swimming Pool

Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools completed a beautiful violin-shaped swimming pool for a customer who required an exact replica in scale of a 1700s era Stradivarius violin with all of its detail and intricacies. The complexity level is higher in this case, as this task reminded us of the Les Paul Guitar-inspired swimming pool. The violin attributes includes purlflings, f-holes, a bridge, strings, a tailpiece, and a chin rest, and some features of the Stradivarius-shaped pool include a twelve-person perimeter overflow spa, with independent LED lighting, koi-ponds, built to resemble the “bow” of the violin, outfitted with 250 fiber optic star-lights, almost half a million translucent glass tiles designed with an exclusive four-way gradient pattern, fiber optic rope lighting detail that illuminates the whole periphery of the pool. Moreover, the violin strings represented by 5760 strands of fiber optic lighting, glow at night. Moreover wireless technology permits the homeowner to modify any pool settings and landscape utilities directly from an iPhone, while an audio system is available in underwater.

Incredible Close Up of Frozen Bubbles

Codedheart ultimately decided to share few unquestionable stunning images of a friend took of frozen bubbles up-close, enlightening the crystalized formation of ice that looks like feathers. We have seen various amazing photographs of soap bubbles that have turned to orbs of ice in frigid temperatures just a few weeks ago, but these pictures offers a new outlook of the tiny, fragile spheres as something even more magical. Every fabulous image looks like a remarkable composite of glossy quills within a clear dome, but are really the surfaced bubbles solidifying into icy pockets of air. They are amidst a freezing procedure as the ice crystals feather out from the bottom, up. The ultimate result is an unbelievable pattern across the delicate bubbles, magnetically drawing the view's attention.