Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Camera Strapped To Soaring Eagle Provides Captivating Nature View

If you ever doubted what it might be like to elegantly glide through the air like an eagle. This video is the chance of your dream true, actually features a bird's eye view of the world as an eagle soars across the Mer de Glace, a glacier located in the Chamonix Valley in France, with a video camera strapped to its back. The sound of the air rushing past offers a natural experience for viewers, who may rapidly get lost in the lovely scenery and feel unnerved by the aviator's sometimes wobbly flight pattern. It is uncertain who actually attached the camera to the bird. The video is recently uploaded by user Srachi. If you looking for a tranquil calm moment in nature during an otherwise hectic day, this is certainly the video to watch! Leave your comments after the post that would encourage the user to make such videos in more dramatic way. Let’s enjoy the video. 

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