Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Schrall Coloured Eggs Company in Austria

Well, have you ever heard about color eggs or do you ever see color eggs? May be not yet? Now here you have a chance to see the production of colored eggs being prepared in Austrian factory. Schrall is one of Austrian biggest colored eggs producer in the Austrian Village of Diendorf. In their factory premises, they produced approximately 10 million colored eggs round the year. In the below photographs, you can see the employees are working on eggs at different phases. 

The eggs are travelled in production line, and then they’re lifting eggs & placing on conveyor belts, which runs through different stages and finally stacked in cartons.Well, we’re sure, you’d be amaze to see this process of coloring the eggs and like them as well. It’d be nice to see your comments on this post. 

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