Monday, 20 August 2012

Home at the top of volcano valued $750000

a secluded house that provides privacy for sale to the public. Distinctly, this home was constructed right over top of the volcano off, in the desert in Southern California, the United States.
This desert is between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in Newberry Springs, San Bernardino, therefore the home was dubbed the Volcano House. The proprietor, Huell Howser, complete with a home area, amounting to 60 hectares. As host of the demonstrate traveling California’s Gold is marketing the entire place and its surrounding sandy land with a value of $ 750000. The home making use of concrete and beam frame around it and furthermore, you also have the main house, guest house beside the lake, and area sufficient to land a helicopter.
The primary residence has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and amusement place is open, whereas his guest house in a smaller area because it has only one bedroom and bathroom. The central house has a long and winding road. Sights of the desert landscape are shown in the main house. The desert may be seen right from the floor, ceiling, up to a dome-shaped roof. However, the balcony provides a number of places to sunbathe.
Even though the sun shone vibrantly outside the home, in the high temperature will not feel hot. The home will remain cooler because the brick walls and floors made? Of ceramic material, which put together with the corner of the window that is made to make a secure and safe area? The home is constructed on a hill fractional active volcano with a height of 50 feet or 15 meters in 1968 by architect Harold J. Bissner Jr.

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