Monday, 14 November 2016

The Brilliant World of Mushroom

Yukio Takano a talented artist is well-versed in the whimsical art of “great mushrooming.” He’s mainly enthused by the environment and intrigued by the storybook-esque charm of toadstools; he pools found driftwood with synthetic materials to make charming and remarkably lifelike sculptures of glowing mushrooms. 

The artist Takano’s fairytale-like fungi are as accurate as they are extremely gorgeous. Moreover, every sculpture is well composed of radiant mushrooms and a cast-off driftwood base from which they sprout. Hence the spores are handcrafted out of resin and fitted with hidden LED lights, which are controlled by a simple switch and powered by cleverly concealed batteries. Once lit, the mushrooms’ caps function as miniature lampshades, emitting a mild glow and softly enlightening their surroundings. 

Furthermore, the enchanted mushrooms range in size, from large and bulky to subtle and delicate, and they come in a rainbow range of charming colors from soft blues and warm yellows to beaming reds and neon greens. He has also experimented with different caps, stems, and heights, exemplifying his in-depth interest in and complete knowledge of the brilliant world of fungi. Yukio Takano has been crafting and selling his bewitching models for many years. Unluckily, given their immensely delicate nature, he does not ship them abroad but you can still gaze upon the hypnotic, one-of-a-kind works below.

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