Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Incredible SALT Lamp Requires Only One Glass of Saltwater to Supply Light For 8 Hours

The SALT Lamp is a very cost effective light source which is helping peoples to changing their life in Philippines. The revolutionary invention was created by skillful engineer Aisa Mijena as assets for the several households. That is unable to access or afford electricity.  As countless peoples used to rely on oil lamps which can cause fires or costly battery powered lights. Her device provides them with a safe and economical source of illumination. 

Indeed SALT Lamp is revolutionary instrument that needs only a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt to supply a night’s worth of light.  Though, if salt isn't readily available to mix with water, the creative product is able to run on close to ocean water and a feature that will absolutely come in handy during a crisis. The lantern's electrodes are also extraordinary because they can work for one year without needing to be replaced.

The creative safe and harmless lighting tool alternative is presently being designed for non-profit organizations and for those in require. In next to no time, it will be easily made available to all customers. As they start to increase and produce this inventive product. Moreover SALT Lamp hopes to deal out another version that can charge cell phones and other portable electronic devices.

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