Sunday, 9 August 2015

Loving Father Gets Tattoo Just to Express his Daughter wouldn’t Feel Alone

Indeed the best relation in the world is between father and daughter. A true love which can't be ignored anyone at any stage of life.  This best relation example is setting by Alistair Campbell for fathers everywhere. When his beloved daughter "Charlotte" was 4 years old, her parents realized at one stage that she was unable to hear properly. Soon, they came to know with big heart that she was almost deaf in her left ear. However, her right ear, she was diagnosed with a precise condition that confines its ability to transmit sound to her brain. Therefore, to correct these impairments, “Charlotte” received her first cochlear implant, greatly improving the quality of her life.

So that his daughter wouldn't feel alone during this time, Alistair Campbell decided to get a particular tattoo. He decided to shave his entire head and had a cochlear implant tattooed above his left ear just like his daughter real device! You know, I did it for my love for her really, the wonderful father told, my hair can grow back. When Charlotte first saw her father's new look, she ran too reached out to touch it and giggled with exhilaration. This alone demonstrates the stunning bond that's shared between this young girl and her supportive father.

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