Saturday, 28 December 2013

Compact Home Designed for Spectacular Views of the Alps

In Austria architect Peter Jungmann is designed a breathtaking fully furnished functional home set on a hill side in the village of Nusdorf just outside Vienna, which is one of best mountains views in Austria.  Playfully taking its name from a combination of the words 'UFO' and 'Vogel,' which means bird in German, Ufogel is set on structural stilts and was commissioned by a family as a holiday house that would capitalize on the stunning views available while having as modest impact on the natural environmental as possible. Although fairly minimalistic in style, the compact house has all the comforts of a traditional one. The living space has a multitude of windows that offers light to every part of the home without sacrificing personal privacy. The overall larch wood finish make a feeling of warmness in the contemporary designs and simple but intentional additions, similar to the coat hooks in the entryway or the glass kettle on the stove, make the space feel lived-in and very comfortable. For those who are searching for a exceptional and fashionable getaway that does not skimp on the view, the house is now available to rent year round.

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