Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ant Snapped in a tiny sphere of water

Trapped in a small just right sphere of water, this inauspicious ant is unable to escape. A sudden downpour gave it no time to take cover, and photographer Adam Gormley was there to depict the image. Adam, from Noosaville, Queensland, Australia, had been photographing spiders in his neighbor’s garden when the rain came down. He had no thought there was an ant in one of the three millimeter droplets until he watched the images later. Adam said: I was thinking it some dirt inside the drop, and it was not my main focal point, I really liked the way the drop was sitting on the aloe-vera leaf, with the tiny hairs. When I uploaded the image to my PC with large view, and I think I shouted out loud in pleasure when I realized what I'd captured by accident!

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