Saturday, 13 October 2012

Huge Mysterious Eyeball Found on Florida Beach

Maybe reminiscent of the infamous Montauk monster, a massive eyeball has washed up on a Florida beach as if Florida needed anything else weird. It looks an awful lot like the huge squid eyeball we recently found on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Smithsonian. The strange eye washed up on Florida’s Pompano Beach, where it was found by a beachcomber. Instead of whisking it away, as was the case in Montauk, the fine citizen handed it over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Scientists will use genetic testing to try to figure out who the eye belonged to. The primary suspect right now is that it would be a big fish, such as a swordfish, tuna, or deep-water fish. It most likely is a squid eye other things with eyes that big fish, cetaceans have them imbedded in hard tissue. Squid eyes are in comparatively soft tissue and more likely to dislodge as in the photo you sent. A quick DNA analysis could easily sort it out for you. That appears to be bones around the eye, so that would rule out a squid.

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  1. What kind of eye is it what did it come