Sunday, 1 December 2013

Three Dimensional Goldfish Painted in Layer

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori busted out by creating online art scene last year with his three dimensional goldfish paiting by pouring resin. It is extremely interested when he began using resin, and kept it secret for almost eight years untill Riusuke perfected his technique and method. Although several copycat artists emerged, while you can effortlessly tell which ones are Fukahori's just by looking at the container. Each of his fish works are found inside common Japanese household items like bowls and cups. He said; I didn’t invent resin and not the first to use resin. I’m goldfish artist, not resin. I believe it’s clear which pieces are Riusuke Fukahori pieces because the imitators use the wrong containers. They will never understand goldfish the way I do, because they are only copying the craft, not the soul.”

Riusuke Fukahori’s amazing works isn’t the containers they reside in, it’s the special technique I used. I’ve created these hyper-realistic sculptures of swimming goldfish by a slow and meticulous process. First, he pours a layer of resin, lets it dry, and then paints a small portion of the fish on top it, lets it dry, and then pours another layer of resin, repeating this process until he makes a three-dimensional representation of a goldfish. For Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, the talented artist is exhibiting a novel body of work. You can see the Painted Breath to witness what can only be described as a magnificent cross between a painting and a sculpture up close and personal. Now, courtesy of the gallery, here's what you can expect to find.

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