Monday, 6 January 2014

Time Capsule Apartment Untouched for 70 Years

A lot of people leave their home for vacation for one week or even one month so. But amazingly there is one apartment in Paris France was left isolated approximately 70 years. The ideally preserved space, which is well belonged to the granddaughter of the late Parisian socialite and the actress Marthe de Florian, was paid for month after month over the course of many decades,  but never returned to in all that time, leaving it not only unoccupied but also entirely untouched. If we go back and history tells us during World War II that the owner initially fled her opulent abode in effort to escape the Nazi raid. But never to return to her home, which is now seems a Parisian !Time Capsule! Apartment the luxurious woman’s heirs decided to make an inventory of her apartment when they uncovered it’s preserved interior and the several other treasures inside. One such gem encompassed a painting by famous 19th century Italian painter Giovanni Boldini. The painting features a woman who is supposed to be Marthe de Florian at 24 years of age. The time capsule home also revealed her love affair with the artist as a result of a stack of love letters they exchanged. The apartment, which proved to be gorgeous and luxurious with possessions as it is with secrets is presently closed off to the public, however selected speculates that may change.

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