Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What a Man, hasn’t bathed in 60 Years

An 80 year old Iranian has broken the world record for the number of years he has let elapse since he last bathed himself. Iranian media reported, Amou Haji has not bathed for 60 years. The man believes cleanliness brings him to illness; so he won’t interested in showers at all.

His life style is amazing, includes eating rotten meat, exclusively porcupine meat, and drinking dirty water. More interesting, his smoking pipe is filled with animals’ feces instead of tobacco. He normally wears war helmet not to fight off the enemy in the battle field but to keep away from the bitterly cold winters. He lives in a hole in the ground just like a grave keep him grounded and other is an open brick shack built by those who felt sorry for him.

Amou roof is the starred sky, without worry about monthly mortgages, his pillow and quilt is the soft cushion of the earth embracing him every time. He has no fear of getting rubbed at nights, and feels happy despite of having no belongings which makes him joyful. Last year, Kailash Singh 66, who had not showered for 38 years old spending years without cleaning himself however Guinness reportedly won’t offer an award in that category.


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