Friday, 28 March 2014

China Village is connected with Outside World by Dangerous Ropeway

Life is extremely difficult for some peoples, we can’t imagine even. Like there is a remote mountain village in the central China’s Hubei Province, which is connected with the outside world is precarious zip line. The remote village of Yushan is situated in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei approximately 150 KM away from the nearest downtown.  The village is surrounded with magnificent cliffs and deep valley. The village is without roads and only one Kilometer long stretched across a 480 meter deep gorge.  The rudimentary zip line was built in 1997 actually consisting of a simple steel cage and powered by a diesel engine to help local inhabitants to travel and bring daily life supplies.
The local inhabitant of Zhang Xinjian took the responsibility of maintaining the ropeway as no one taking ownership of rope set up. He says; we’re lubricating the cables once a week and this dangerous assignment is continuously in action for 15 years. Zhang has to take the cart and apply oil onto the cables along the way. In the beginning, my father and brother was helping me, but later on my brother quit and my father’s health gone down, so it’s only me that could the job now. China’s government has finally building a road to the village and plans to finish the ropeway cable car upon completion. Basic ropeways and transportation system is very common in poorer nations particularly among Asian countries where adults and children take peril each day just to go about their lives.Source: Charismatic Planet

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