Sunday, 27 April 2014

Magnificent Composite Image of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

There's a good chance you have already seen this magnificent image pop up on your newsfeed or dashboard at some point. This lovely images has shared over 70,000 on Facebook and features on dozens of media outlets. The Texas-based photographer Mike Mezeul shot this recent blood moon lunar eclipse has officially gone viral. While several photographers went without sleep on April 15 in order to photograph the rare natural phenomenon, But Mezeul's photo is particularly unique & rare. The foreground comprises of a vibrant field of bluebonnets, contrasting gorgeously with the night sky. Shining above the field are images of the phases of the lunar eclipse, showing the moon's path across the sky throughout the night.

Therefore; creating the final image took a lot of time, persistence, and energy & effort. Mezeul first image the field of bluebonnets before midnight, and then he spent the next seven hours shooting the moon and its progression across the sky. After an extreme efforts and long night of shooting, he post-processed the photos and masked different shots of the moon phases into the image of the field. Obviously the final result is an outstanding composite image that highlights the attractiveness of nature and the night sky.

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