Friday, 6 June 2014

Incredible Man-Made Tunnels Formed with Wires & Repurposed Wood

Some artists are really incredible just like Henrique Oliveira’s, whose installation titled “Transarquitetônica” offer you to go on a fantastical journey through a cavernous interior. His fresh completed work is his largest till date, and he has magnificently created a fully-immersive environment inside of a large, root-like system. Upon entering in tunnels you can follow multiple paths that lead you throughout the sculpture while you are fully surrounded by repurposed wood pieces that are tacked together and look like bark on a tree. 

To construct a massive “Transarquitetônica” Henrique first built a skeleton framework and tighten up the joints with zip ties. Tapumes, which is fragile wood normally used in siding, was then layered and applied as the “skin” for the interior and exterior of the work. This makes for an engaging and surreal viewer experience that looks astonishing from the outside as branches twist around themselves in addition to the beams that are positioned inside of the gallery. Henrique Oliveira colossal sculpture will be on view at Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade in São Paulo through the end of November this year. So far you can view his magnificent work in pictures, or if you have the opportunity, take a trip through the winding tunnels.

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