Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Chimera A Cute Cat Has a Gorgeously Prominent Two-Toned Face

A cute cat; Venus and cuddly feline living in North Carolina has attractively remarkable features about her. The chimera cat’s face is half-black and half-tabby colored, moreover; she has two different colors of eyes. Venus’ rare markings have made her a widespread animal on the Internet, and a Facebook page and Instagram account portray her sweet and affectionate personality. She also seems to receive a lot of fan art, too! It’s not just people on social media that’re taking notice of the feline brands have, too. The toy company GUND formed a plush version of Venus so people around the world can now snuggle up to her likeness. Indeed she is very cute and elegant cat and everyone is liking her because of different colors. she looks ,like she would say “look at me” I am asking you so cute  and can I’ve a little more of this tasty cat milk please  

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