Thursday, 14 August 2014

Amazing Giant Tortoise is Alive over 170 years

Perhaps you may not believe it by looking a giant tortoise (Name Jonathan) alive from over 170 years. It is believed, Jonathan tortoise was born in the early 1830’s. There’re few photographs available when he was adult in 1902. These images give the idea of his age, approximately 50 years old, when the images were captures. Well, it is obviously giant tortoise isn’t active as he once was. Similarly weak as human being gets aged, as time has caught up with him. 

The giant tortoise has cataracts in both eyes that have caused him to go blind, and his poor sense of smell that doesn’t allow much for grazing. Therefore, his hand-fed once a week, and the rest of the time he enjoys a peaceful life at the idyllic-looking. Plantation House located on the small, remote British island of St. Helena, where Jonathan tortoise shares the land with St. Helena’s governor. Yes, it is true that world has changed a lot since Jonathan’s birth, probably he might not be aware of changing world. But it is amazing that this turtle has lived through so much history. And the fact that he’s still able to have a relatively happy existence after so long is significant.

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