Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fashionable Ducks Waddle down the Catwalk in Annual Fashion Show

You can forget now about New York Fashion Week or the Paris runway. Therefore; In Sydney, Australia, Brian Harrington, a quirky farmer, is the man behind the fashion show well-dressed ducks steal the scene at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It’s here that the waterfowl are outfitted in stylish pink, green and yellow gowns, and even have small matching hats, too! They waddle down the catwalk at the Pied Piper Duck Show, and the gorgeous sight is considered one of the highlights of the annual event, which overall attracts an average of 900,000 visitors. 

Brian Harrington, run it for the past three decades, and works with a professional dressmaker who individually styles every duck to a theme or era. They have well covered daywear, evening attire, bridal outfits, and many more. Presently, they are showcasing costumes from the 1800’s era as well as favorites from the past. Haute couture isn’t the only waterfowl-related event that you will get at the Easter Show. Duck racing also has crowds laughing and cheering their beloved contender onto victory.

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