Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Bird’s Nest House Perched High in a Swedish Forest

Do you want to spend a night in a giant bird’s nest, offcourse you can’t.  But now you can fulfill your dream in Swedish forest, when by you looking outside it looks like a giant bird's nest, perched high in a tree in a Swedish forest, but inside it is a luxury guest room with sufficient space for four to stay securely.  Actually the “Bird's Nest” built by architect Bertil Harström, is part of an outdoor sleeping experience called the Treehotel.

The owners, husband and wife team Kent and Britta Lindvall, offering exclusive guestrooms built in trees and the Bird's Nest is one of the most popular guest rooms. The unusual room is located in Harads, nearby the Lule River, in Sweden. From the Bird's Nest you get a fanciful view of the Lule River valley, miles of forest and the prevailing river. When you look inside, the room is consists of height of luxury facilities.

The walls are clad with wood panels and the windows nearly disappear in the exterior's network of branches. Therefore; the 180ft² rooms is sufficient for a family (Maximum 4 persons) to comfortably spread out and has separate bedrooms, bathroom, and living area. To get to the tree-house, guests can stroll through the woodland and enter the Bird's Nest via a retractable staircase. However; overnight stays, including breakfast, start from £380 and there's also a restaurant, bar, sauna and relaxation area, TV, and internet access on site.

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