Monday, 6 October 2014

Eagle Mirror

Sometimes you’re simply lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.  That is exactly what happened to photographer Ray Hennessy at Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area in southern New Jersey.  The photographer arrived at the wildlife area just as the sun had risen and instigated the drive around the elevated road through the marsh.  He says; we saw from the moment we got there how calm it was, there was not a bit of wind moving, and the water was crystal clear, reflecting everything almost flawlessly.  

He said not long after our arrival we observed a trio of Bald Eagles fishing far out in one of the slight bodies of water.  A stunning sight to grasp but nothing to write home about photographically, they were just too far out.  But still it was too great to watch.  Almost an hour after that encounter we saw another alone eagle flying our way.  I instantly jumped out of the car and got ready.  He was slowly continued to come directly our side and for whatever reason began to circle directly in front of us, and close!  I bring into being to think but didn't want to say it out loud "make a dive!"  

As good fortune would have it that is exactly what happened next, the eagle banked right and swooped in for a grab directly in front of us and parallel to the road.  A picture-perfect swoop and grab in the calm early morning light!  These moments like these that make nature photography so worth it and also prove that no matter how much preparation or ability you may have; at times you just need a little luck.  Of course I would love a bit of sunlight on the Eagle's head but I'm still thrilled with this photo. Source: Ray Hennessy

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