Monday, 13 October 2014

Fearless High-Liners in HAMMOCKS dangling 150ft above dizzying Alpine drops

These daredevil high-liners are the pivotal chill seekers when they’ve set up hammocks hundreds of feet in the air. They’ve inch their way sensibly along the thin wire, some are even pleased to pull out a guitar and play some tunes. The dangerous event, called the International Highline Meeting, is in its third year, and takes place at Monte Piana in Italy.

It is a big gathering for courageous folks to hone their skills without any form of competitive edge. The hint of adding hammocks was put forward by hammock manufacturer Ticket to the Moon. The High-liners attach the materials to a strengthened “highline” as they walk out to their designated relaxation spots 150ft high.

Snapper Sebastian Wahlhuetter captured the breath-taking pictures as 22 people hopped into 16 hammocks. The meeting ran from 6 to 14 September, with 500 people attending. Sebastian, who also helped to organize the event, revealed it was tough to capture his pictures due to the remote location and steep, rocky surroundings.

But “The action lasted around an hour and it was astonishing to see all those people hanging out in their hammocks and it was really thrilling to watch. A distinct highline set up was rigged so that it could carry the weight of the several people on one line at the same time. 'Monte Piana Highline Festival was definitely the best highline event I have ever photographed.' Source: Dailymail

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