Friday, 26 December 2014

Artist Spent 10 Years Carving a Massive Cave Alone With His Dog

For the last 10 years, American artist Ra Paulette has been walking alone into New Mexico’s desert to work, and he spends his precious time carving a sandstone cave that he has found, turning it into a brilliant subterranean space full of light. It is really an amazing that no one but his dog for company, Paulette formed diverse designs and styles for every cavern, giving every one very precise qualities and textures.

The objective of this colossal artwork is to build an environment that would motivate and spiritual renewal and personal wellbeing. It will also serve as a place for artistic events once it’s ended. Moreover every piece of gravel rock is that old and still you can buy rocks at the store. Just like as oil patches of land, and what not. Human beings have taken over and ruined the planet that is millions of millions years old and you’re complaining because a man has an eco-cave? This is really interesting that the cave was not pre-existing, and dug them out by hand. If you dig a hole on the land you own you still own the land and the hole. What an incredible place to go to work and such a fine co-worker to spend the day with you.

The photographs though astonishing looking really don’t do the place justice. They’re truly remarkable, with great light and very cozy, not damp or "cave like". I was working as a builder at the time and it completely blew my mind. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. One you’ve to see them in person to have faith in it.Source: boredpanda

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