Monday, 12 January 2015

French Photographer Captures Hot Spring and Moment of Icelandic Geysers Bubble

The 30 year old landscape photographer Alban Henderyckx captures beautiful hot springs and moment Icelandic geysers bubble of moodily atmospheric shots of shooting steam and bubbling liquid could have been taken on the moon or some far flung planet, at the very least the set of a sci-fi film. Alban Henderyckx capture the incredible pictures during a trip to Vatnajökull also known as the Vatna Glacier, actually a largest and most voluminous Icelandic glacier, located in the south-east of the island, covering more than eight per cent of the country. This is also famous as and one of the largest in area in Europe.
By wandering someplace in the inland of the Iceland, you’ve to awake almost 24 hours in the surrounded of a thick fog, even driving on the hectic desert trails of Highlands. You know, actually a geyser is a vent in Earth's surface that periodically ejects a column of hot water and steam. However in some geysers have eruptions that blast thousands of gallons of boiling hot water up to a few hundred feet in the air. Therefore; the most renowned geyser is in Yellowstone National Park in the United States often called Old Faithful which erupts every 60 to 90 minutes and blasts hot water up to 200 feet into the air. Alban explaining his work, I instinctively followed the energy of my subconscious to immerse myself more in a world without artifice, nature and the vastness of the landscape.

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