Thursday, 29 January 2015

Russian Photographer Snapped Fearless Images by Risked his life on a Frozen Lake

These stunning images of Siberian ice cave have taken by a Russian photographer by risking his life on a frozen lake. The rising sun was fearlessly capture breathtaking photos of magical ice cavern provide a rare glimpse inside the frozen grotto. Andrey Grachev travel across cracked ice that could give way at any moment. However several adventure seekers have plunged through the ice in the past. But 35 years old valiant ignored the all dangers and takes the stunning cave photos in a beautiful golden sunlight.  He and local guides safely crossed Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia, almost more than 50 cars are still waiting to be plucked from the frigid water after falling through the ice. 

He saw magical cavern on Olkhon Island with hundreds of icy stalactites and massive blocks of blue ice, named “ice hummocks”. He knew very well about dozens of accidents are taken place every year, when cars collapsing under the ice and of curse there’re casualties as well. Andrey said; the danger comes from the ice's ability to move which results in some pretty wide cracks, and even sometimes these ice hummocks can be longer than two metres wide. 

The sound of ice cracking underneath his feat was unnerving but he got used to it as it was a regular occurrence. He further explained, that most of the accidents taken place when ice is not thick enough and normally in Dec and Jan or when drivers overlooked the marked roads. Fortunately we didn’t face any dangerous situation, but on the way back we abruptly came across a massive crack on the road which pushed us to find a new route. The winter seasons at Lake Baikal is simply wonderful and I’ve no words of real nature, but I’d way that in spite of dangers the experience was well worth the risk.  

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