Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Most Magical Luxury Treehouse Perched Amongh 150 Year Old Pines.

Well, you’ve a great chance to observe most magical Airbnb in the world, the pan-style tree-house perched among 150 years old pines. Many peoples believes to live in real nature and they’ve dreamed of fairytale tree-house, complete with radiant lights, and romantic bridge, perhaps looks a lot like this. Set amid the branches of a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree, the Buckland retreat, nestled in pristine woodland in the heart of Atlanta, has now been listed on AirBnB, and it even comes with wifi. The enchanting tree house is the handy-work of inspired couple Peter and Katie Bahouth, and comprises of three separate rooms that are marvelously attached by rope bridges strewn with fairy lights.

Therefore; former Greenpeace executive director Mr Bahouth, bought the appealing woodland spot in 2000, and spent the next six months designing and building the textbook forest hideaway. The living rooms are decked with handy blend of remarkable antiques and up-cycled furniture, including splendid chandelier adding an eye-catching touch to master plan, including an 80 years old butterfly window. The indoor dining area comprises of room seats which’re comfortable for six people. Moreover the bedroom is ideal locations for real nature lovers, who can enjoy true nature without leaving the comfort of your bed, and it can be pushed out onto a platform overlooking a local stream.

Even though you don’t even have to worry about catching a chill the beautiful organic linen bedding has been teamed with a heated mattress pad to keep you toasty all night long.  Moreover for outside environment a lavish decking area seats up to 10 people and comes complete with a hammock for day-time dreaming or star-spotting at night. But if you do get the need to leave the confines of the tee house, the Bahouth's have provided a list of local beauty spots to explore. Or, like some lodgers, you could just order pizza delivered straight to your branch.

Now you know, such kind of experience cannot offer in cheap rates, the expensive enchanting beauty, a minimum two night stay offer is £236 per night - but we reckon it's worth it!  It's no surprise this Peter Pan-style tree house comes with a five-star rating from former guests. Every detail is quirky and fun, including a bed that pushes out on a track so you can sleep on a plank under a canopy of trees “unbelievable”.

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  1. Is there an alternative way to contact the owners, or proprietors? I looked for this property on airbnb, but couldn't locate it.