Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bring Your Walls to Life with This Plant Wall Trophy

Having in mind all the wonderful, countless things human fantasy has created; I’m sure you’d be wondered why would people desire to adorn their walls with dead animal’s heads? Well, this seems an incredible idea to turn plants into vegan wall mounts with this spectacular design, superbly formed by a team of Italian designers and inspired by the Japanese flower arrangement “ikebana.” Which is referred to as “Living Flowers” is an ancient Japanese art of harmonious flower arrangement. 

However, it is just like re-known practice of bonsai, “ikebana” has its traditional rules and spiritual aspects as well. By now, different styles have evolved from the first traditional arrangement, and the practice has become more flexible. Although this flexibility of styles inspired Fabio Milito & Paula Studio to create the interchangeable Elkebana wall mount. Elkebana is the first trophy for plant lovers. You just need flowers and imagination.”- Fabio Milito, the designer, writes on his website. 

Perhaps few peoples criticizing this idea and even the word "adorn" is not even befitting for this. It would not be beautiful, for the memory of an innocent being's forced, violent death, cannot be beautiful for me. If you want so much such an "ornament" there’re statues which imitate real animals in a perfect way and would be far better option to complete your rustic styled home. About these criticism they’re pretty indeed, a nice idea to be cherished. 

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