Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Orphaned Elephants are Rescued, Rehabilitated and turn back into the Wild Life

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is today the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. It is founded in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, in the honor of her late husband, The unique Orphans' Project exists to give hope to Kenya's threatened elephant and rhino populations as they fight for against the threat of poaching for their ivory and horns and the decrease the numbers of habitat due to human population pressures, deforestation and drought. Till date, the trust has effectively hand-raised more than 150 infant elephants by caring for them and then effectively reintegrating them back into the wild herds of Tsavo.

Thus for instance, in one heart touching story, a baby elephant named Sities found a second chance at life through the foundation. "Sities, renowned for her one tusk, was rescued in 2010 at just 5 weeks old after she was heard bellowing for help. Sadly, her mother was nowhere to be found and so Sities became a part of our Nursery herd. Moreover five years on and Sities is now at our Ithumba Reintegration Centre, preparing for a life in the wild!"

In these spectacular before-and-after photographs, you may the chance to see how many of these orphaned elephants looked when they were first found versus how they appeared after being under the loving care of the nursery. This is extremely heart touching nursery, where animals are carefully nourish under intensive care. Source: My Modernmet

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