Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Amazing Floating Hotel

This floating hotel with catamaran apartments are offering visitors the flawless opportunity of an uninterrupted view of the nature around them. The mega project is developed by Salt & Water design studio with the aim to encourage tourism on inland waters and the plans freshly won the Millennium Yacht Design Award, an international competition for yacht designers. A central unit where visitors will check in and be able to interact with others is connected to a set of floating catamaran pods, accessed by a portable walkway. The designers have faith in the floating hotel would provide the textbook solution for tourism without any violation of natural harmony. The floating hotel is formed of two different parts a central floating construction and apartment catamaran units. The central unit houses a reception, a restaurant, an event hall, offices for staff and a cafĂ©. Visitors can then access pathways which are linked to the apartment catamarans. 

Moreover, each apartment is an innovatively designed catamaran which can be simply separated from the dock and navigated, letting visitors to select the perfect location for their vacation by themselves. Catamarans comprise of a reception, a galley, a lovely bathroom, a hall with ample storage space and a sleeping area. Visitors can also relax at two separate outdoor locations the flying bridge and the beach platform. Every apartment can accommodate between 2 and 4 people, thanks to the ability to convert the salon into a double bedroom. From the beach platform it is very easy to access the water for swimming, fishing, diving, and sun bathing. The key idea is to let users to relish their visit through navigation at a very slow speed and with an uninterrupted view of nature. For this purpose the catamarans have a rare shape with big windows in the front. Indeed this is a spectacular idea, but whether or not it will work will depend on where the hotel is located. Salt & Water is a Serbian-design studio specializing in yacht interior design and exterior styling, aircraft interior design and architecture. 

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