Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Thousands of Giant Jellyfish Appears in Swarms off Britain’s Coast

The marvelously large groups of giant barrel Jellyfish are appearing in the water of coast of Britain. The jellyfish are appearing in this area, which are five feet in length.  The countless jellyfish are just everywhere, and never seen anything like it. Phtogorapher Steve Trewhella spotted the jellyfishes swarms when he was taking his grandson out for a trip on his dive boat. Fortunately, the creature's sting is inoffensive and can only cause a rash, so the diver was able to take pictures and even swim with them. Although, Barrel Jellyfish are famous for being harmless giants, since they’ve only feed on minuscule prey such as plankton. It is extremely rare instance for these stunningly colored aquatic animals to swim close to the coast, which is why current sightings have made headlines. Moreover, if the jellies stick around during the summer and autumn, their swarms will end up growing even bigger, since they breed in warm water at a remarkable rate. Source: My Modernmet

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