Saturday, 29 August 2015

California Based Photographer Use Infrared Camera to Capture Stunning Desolate Landscapes

A Nature lover photographer “Nathan Wirth” captures stunning "slices of silence" in his striking, on-going series of desolate landscapes. The remarkable black and white pictures portray solitary trees on rolling hills in Marin and Sonoma counties in Northern California, where majestic marbled-gray skies every so often cast ominous backdrops over the grassy knolls. San Francisco-based photographer says, it gives us the feeling and essence that at any moment, something could easily go awry. Nathan Wirth images are separated into three series, all under the name “Infrared Silence”. Moreover, he tries to give them such a distinctive look; and he took the photographs by using an infrared-converted camera. A big thanks this alteration, what were once low-light scenes and drab skies now take on a prominent visual presence as if they’re not of this world.

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