Friday, 18 September 2015

Beautiful Transparent “Garden Igloo” Offers Sanctuary to Relish Your Garden Year-Round

When enjoying the outdoors, it’s really pleasure to have a sanctuary to protect against sudden inclement weather and bugs. The Garden Igloo is a stunning transparent canopy for your garden that permits you to relish the scenery all while being shielded under a geodesic dome. Its minimalist design provides a lot of versatility, and the product can function as a greenhouse, playground, gazebo, or quiet place to read. The 7ft-tall “Garden Igloo” can be used year-round. Therefore, it’s a standard package also contains a skeleton frame, which leaves the piece totally open and lets a nice breeze to pass through the space perfect for engaging friends on a warm summer night. Moreover in the cooler months, a clear domed cover shields the Garden Igloo from the harsher elements, making it perfect as a greenhouse or for a winter garden party.

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