Friday, 4 September 2015

Dazzling Landscapes Reveal the Idyllic Tranquility of Japan

Photographer Hidenobu Suzuki has captured the idyllic landscapes of Japan in an unusually tranquil light. Between the quiet foggy rivers, peaceful rice fields, and twilight at Mt. Fuji, there's something for everyone who's looking for a visually tranquil utopia. "My photos are like Japanese paintings," Suzuki explains. "Japanese like to express emotions and mystical feelings through the landscape photography. Contemporary theater, art and music stimulate the brain and increase mood. Emotional art heal people and leads the society to accord. I took a task to capture sentiments with my camera. This component of devoutness can be detected in each and every photograph, which supports to highlight the loveliness of Japan's nature. Suzuki also demonstrates that expressive artwork can serve as a means for finding serenity in both our inner and outer worlds. Source: My Modernmet
Hidenobu Suzuki: Facebook | 500px | LensCulture

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