Monday, 19 October 2015

Artist Creates Lovely Blooms with Everyday Objects.

Rachel Dein a London-based artist of Tactile Studio preserves everyday objects in an exclusive way. Rachel Dein has using the process of casting, and presses both natural and man-made materials into wet clay and then fills the voids with a unique combination of plaster and concrete. Hence, what results are slabs that showcase the subjects’ complicated characteristics, with their colors delicately tinting the plaster as it dries? Rarely, as an added step to this process, Dein will hand paint the casts after they have been finished and refined.

Moreover, the size of Dein’s work differs, and few of her compositions measure as large as 16 squared inches. She fills these spaces with lovely blooms, vegetables, fruits, and even children’s toys. The potentials are infinite, which gives the clients to chance to request commissions that are tailored to their lives and characters.  She says; I really enjoy the magic of plaster casting to make fossils from everyday life, “whether it’s a shell found on holiday, your grandmother’s treasured lace, a Christening gown, or the flowers from your wedding.” She sells her creative work through her Etsy shop, but she’s also available for custom work through her website.

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