Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fascinating Photographs of Autumnal Forests by a Wandering Photographer

Well, here is nothing quite like a long relaxing walk through the woods to rest the mind, mostly in the crisp autumn air when the leaves have transformed into lively variations of red and orange. A big thanks to, photographer “Janek Sedlář” captures the philosophical exquisiteness of the forest in its most spectacular state. The young skillful photographer, who hails from the Czech Republic, exposes the poignant atmosphere of the woods and meadows where he goes to seek peace. Although he’s self-taught photographer, Sedlář had originally studied ceramics before changing his focus. He has passed during a difficult period of his life; he instigated to escape to the countryside of his home region, Moravia and the White Carpathian Nature Reserve, with just his backpack and camera.

Moreover, on these long walks through the forest he saw actually a magnificent nature beauty, that “words cannot convey a man must just be present to experience the moment.” His classical photographs are best example of his efforts to share the magnificence of the natural recluse he observes. Sedlář thoughs, that walking through nature lets a man to emerge with heavier legs, but a lighter mind. His captivating pictures of the Carpathian Woods are tremendous inspiration to get outside and go for a wander. Source: My Modernmet

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