Sunday, 6 December 2015

Stylish Glassware Modeled After Star Wars Planets, Moon, and Death Star

The highly anticipated release of the newest star wars film, fans of the franchise are looking to rejoice their enthusiasm with appropriately-themed accessories. Therefore, think Geek has formed a product ideal for the Star Wars fan that enjoy amusing and it’s a Planetary Glassware Set, which includes features of four planets (Alderaan, Dagobah, Hoth, and Tatooine); one moon (Endor); as well as the famed Death Star. Moreover, the multicolored glasses have gorgeous photographic surface designs, with restrained textures that wrap around their forms. They don’t realistic appearance particularly the Death Star, which looks like it in fact has an indentation in the cup. Every vessel is somewhat translucent and can hold 10 ounces of liquid. Therefore, the Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set is at present available on ThinkGeek’s website. But if you’re not an enthusiast of the fictitious universe, the company also sells a alike set featuring planets in our solar system.

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