Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bricklayer Transforms Ordinary Stone into Hypnotically Detailed Sculptures

UK based artist Johnny Clasper’s hypnotic free-form stonework is a swirling sight that garners its fair share of attention and exactly so. The stonemason's fervor for his craft is obvious in every detailed design. Therefore, from dry stone sculptures to pebble mosaics and stone balancing acts, Clasper has ability for transforming the ordinary material into works of art. Moreover, the talented artist credits his upward trajectory on a zeal for stone that carries him in several diverse directions. Though, he admits, “I refuse any boundaries to my work and I remain fervent about the work I do.”
Johnny Clasper has years of know-how in the industry. However in that past, he went to college to study bricklaying and establish a niche in the practical, hands-on subject. What has permitted him to advance from easy bricklayer to established stonemason however is an inventive outlook and skill to transform ordinary stones into charming mosaics? Therefore, with pieces beginning to be exhibited within his home country, Clasper still takes commission enquiries regarding stone laying work and sculptures through his website.

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