Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Japanese Pastry Maker's Created First Ever White Strawberry Tart Captures the "Scent of First Love"

Japanese pastry maker “Qu’il Fait Bon” captured the art of love and scent in a single, delicious treat. Their fruit tart is made with a sweet white strawberry called “Hatsukoi no Kaori”, which exactly translates to "The Scent of First Love." Thus, after 20 years of research done by plant suppliers and fruit breeders in Japan, the first white strawberry was generated using only a tad bit of anthocyanin which gives red strawberries their color. Therefore, once it's fully ripe, the exclusive fruit turns light pink, making it the eventually romantic luxury.

Moreover, encased in a flaky pie crust and fluffy Bavarian cream, the white strawberries add a scenic touch. Hence, since growing these fruits is no easy feat, each slice costs $13.87 and the whole tart is worth $105.67. Further, the dessert will be offered until the end of February, so if you are in Japan for Valentine's Day, you may want to consider paying a visit to Qu’il Fait Bon if only to experience the attractive "scent of love."

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