Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Levitating “Air Bonsai” Float Twirling Plant in Mid-Air with the help of Magnets

Regardless of the visual beauty and life-giving nature of plants, there is always been one major problem with our vegetative friends: plants can’t fly. A small Kyushu Japan based company named “Hoshinchu” has got popularity in recent times to set out to fix the problem that evolution forgot by inventing the Air Bonsai, a creative system for magnetically levitating minute bonsai trees more than a few inches above a small electrified pedestal. 

The company has designed as miniature planter therefore, the system lets you to make your own miniature Avatar-like worlds with tiny trees or shrubs planted in balls of moss, however also controlling enough to suspend distinct ceramic dishes of fragments of lava rock. Thus, Air Bonsai is presently funding like senseless on Kickstarter and is available in a number of configurations starting with a base DIY kit for $200 that needs you to use your own plants up to more elaborate designs that may only ship in Japan. However, if you’re Bonsai lover then it’s a unique gift for you to set in your home just a cost of $200, however a basic set starts at $30 more, you can have a lava stone plant base instead of the moss.

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